Trying To Find Housing In The World’s Largest City


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One of the biggest cities of the world, and also named the largest city of the world in 2015, Tokyo brags about one of the largest populations for a city as well. For anyone who wants to visit or stay for a longer time in the city you can find any type of place to stay at as there is an option for everyone. The problem is always about affording the place you want to stay at. But finding a place and signing the contract is not that easy as there is always the things that you need to look for when trying to rent a place.

As with any country, a security deposit of a substantial amount is required for any housing whether it is a 5 bedroom house itself or a furnished apartments Melbourne Southbank. Sometimes there are also some initial setup fees apart from the security deposit as well. The deposit will most likely be 1-3 months of rent but the landowners and property owners of Japan are like any other country, they’ll try to keep it. So make sure that you take a really good look at the place, take photographs of the existing issues of the place and get it signed by the property owner.

If you are going through an agency then you will need to pay them as well which is around a month of the rent. There are also cleaning fees involved (around 40,000 yen), and the 24 hour life support fees involved. There is also liability insurance in the equation which you should find online as the agency will find you the most expensive one. If you can convince your university your company to be your guarantor (has to be Japanese) this comes free as well. Getting a guarantor by paying them is illegal so if there is someone trying to make you pay then better put them straight.

If you are planning on staying only for a couple of months (or something below a year) then going through all this trouble for accommodation is a waste. So for this end you will have to look for housing that is purposefully short term renters oriented. These short term renting places have no security deposit involved and none of the random fees as well. in Tokyo you can find such short term housing in places like Leo Palace, Sakura House and Oak Tree, which comes with added conveniences and English speaking staff.

Keep in mind that for the monthly rent there is also the maintenance/common fee that comes attached. Make sure that you read the contract completely or get a friend to translate it to you if it is in Japanese you cannot read.

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